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Gutter Replacements.
Gutter Repairs.
Gutter Installation.

To keep your home safe from water damage, you’ll need the right gutters to get the job done.

We Give Your Home The PROTECTION It Needs By Replacing Your Gutters.

A good roof is not the only thing that prevents water leaks; gutters also play an important part in protecting properties from water damage thanks to their sloping system and downspout that redirect rainfall away.

However, if gutters have leaks, cracks, holes, sags, or splits, it is time to replace them. We can help you install new gutters to protect your property from water damage.

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This type of gutter withstands large volumes of rainwater and lets water and debris flow at a faster rate.


This type of gutter is for those looking for low maintenance and less difficulty in cleaning.
Half-round gutters' downspouts also have a much greater water flow, keeping your property safe from any water damage.

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Copper Gutter (1).png


This is the type of gutter is for those looking for better durability. A copper gutter system can last between 80 and 100 years. They also give your home a better exterior aesthetic.


This type of gutter guard helps to provide efficient water flow throughout the entire gutter system.

These guards will also help eliminate debris from the surrounding trees that could clog up the gutter and downspout.

With Resurrected Roofing, you can expect:




Homeowners can rest assured that when we install gutters, gutter guards or round downspouts, we use the best materials and designs on the market.

Expert Installation

Installing gutters involves a specialized process. You’ll need an experienced contractor to help you prevent water damage. We can install the right gutters for your building needs.

Fast Service

After contacting us, one of our contractors will come to inspect your gutters within 24 hours (depending on the weather) and provide you with the best advice.

Start Working With Resurrected Roofing Through Our Peace of Mind Plan
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Step 1: Schedule Your FREE Inspection

Scheduling a free inspection is easy. You just have to give a call. Once you schedule, we’ll go to your property to measure your gutters within the first 24 hours. (depending on weather conditions)

Step 2: We Replace or Upgrade Your Gutters

Once we inspect your gutters, we’ll present you with options that best suit you.

Step 3: Get The Peace of Mind You Deserve

After upgrading or replacing your gutters, feel at ease knowing that your gutters are protected.


If you’re not sure if your gutters should be replaced, we can assist you with a no-obligation gutter inspection, and present you with the best options for your property.

At Resurrected Roofing, we believe in partnering with our clients to protect one of their biggest assets: their properties.


With Resurrected Roofing, you’ll get:

Up To Code:
We ensure that we meet all building codes needed to install gutters and keep your property beautiful and safe.

Bonded & Insured:
We carry $1,000,000 in liability to make sure we have enough to cover your property.

Personalized Service:
Our contractors understand that each client and their properties are unique. Therefore, we take the time to understand their needs and provide them with personalized solutions that get the job done.

Local Service:
We are deeply rooted in North Georgia’s community, which leads us to understand the local needs our clients may be concerned about.

Project Management:
From finalizing the contract to the final 27-point clean-up procedure, we take care of the whole process.

50 Years Combined Experience:
With our adequate experience in gutters and roofing, we know what steps to take to make your home beautiful and to keep it safe.
  • The roof is damaged, but it isn't causing any other damage. Should I still get it replaced?
    We always recommend that you should get your roof repaired after being damaged, no matter if it isn’t causing property damage. It’s best to be careful and take the proper prevention to avoid any structural or interior cosmetic damage down the road.
  • What if I don't have enough money to replace the roof, even though I know I need it?
    By providing free roofing inspections, we understand our clients’ current economic situation and offer them options that best suit them. In most situations, we normally get our clients’ insurance to cover the full cost of a roof replacement. However, they’re responsible to pay their deductible (usually $1,000) and any upgrades they wish to have. But we can also provide you with financing options with rates as low as 0% to help cover any out-of-pocket expenses.
  • If I file an insurance claim, do my premiums increase?
    The answer is no. When you file a single claim on your homeowners’ policy, your premiums will not increase.
  • What can we do in case your insurance roof claim is denied?
    In the event your insurance roof claim is denied before seeking help from a roofing contractor, give us a call for a free inspection. We’ll examine the extent of the damage and see if the insurance’s appraisal was right or wrong. In case there aren’t any legal grounds to reject your claim, we’ll file an appeal to provide insurance companies with evidence to overrule their decision and give us the green light to start repairing your roof.
  • Do we remove old gutters?
    Yes, we remove existing gutters and haul them off, so our clients aren’t left with a mess to clean up.
  • How expensive are gutters or gutter guards?
    The most accurate answer we can provide is that the final cost of your project usually depends on the material choice and the number of gutters we need to install.
  • How long do gutters last?
    The answer varies. Typically, gutters last between 20 to 50 years, but it depends on the type of gutter material and the proper gutter maintenance of property owners.
  • How much do gutters cost per foot?
    In the last 12 months, classically designed gutters cost between $7 to $16 per linear foot.
  • Do you clean out gutters before you install gutter guards?
    We only clean out our clients’ gutters when we install gutter screens or helmets.


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